Please consider the information below regarding the coronavirus as current status of Thermal Design operations. If our operational status changes during this pandemic, updated information will be posted below. Thank You and Be Well.


March 26, 2020

To our valued customers and partners,

Thermal Design is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and the risk it poses to our collective health and vital interests. In early March, Thermal Design began implementing policies to protect its employees’ health, minimize the spread of COVID-19 and maximize our ability to continue to serve you without interruption. These include:

  • Mandating more than 70% of our non-manufacturing staff work remotely.Implementing strict hygiene and social distancing measures at our facilities.
  • Increasing the scope and frequency of facility and equipment sanitization.
  • Eliminating all business travel and restricting facilities access to employees only.
  • Restricting facility access for employees who travel for personal reasons or have been sick, until they are no longer an infection risk.
  • Splitting our manufacturing into isolated shifts to manage employee exposure and operational risk.
  • Supply chain management through inventory increases and verifying supplier implementation of their own risk management plan for the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Coordination with our transportation partners to minimize interruptions and work around issues.

We continue to take proactive actions to enhance and protect our workforce health, operations and supply chain as the situation evolves. At this time, Thermal Design is fully capable to meet our current and anticipated demand throughout North America through our extensive distribution network. 

We are monitoring this situation day by day and taking steps in our personal and professional lives to protect our families, our business and our ability to serve you. We have contingency plans in place to adapt to a wide range of scenarios moving forward, and we will provide updates as developments occur. 

While we have been able to operate with minimal interruptions to this point, and have been able to serve customers whose other supply options have experienced circumstances are changing rapidly. In order to avoid potential interruptions and costs, we ask that our customers maintain close communication with their representative regarding the status of current and upcoming projects, with as much advance notice as possible, so that we can best serve you. You can reach us at our general line 800-255-0776, or shipping 402-454-6595.

Take care,

Justin Harkins
Vice President
Thermal Design, Inc.

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