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HVAC Features

  • 96% high efficiency gas heaters
  • 14 & 16 SEER rated air conditioners
  • Design as appliances for fast installation
  • No license typically required
  • Warranty and Parts Guarantee Available

EnergyCraft HVAC Appliances

Our line of versatile heating and cooling equipment are easy to install, extremely efficient and reliable. Contractors enjoy the simplicity and effective design while satisfying building owners with consistent comfortable temperatures and lower energy use, putting real savings to their bottom line each month. EnergyCraft HVAC appliances are economically priced and are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the high performance Simple Saver Systemin order to match the capacity that is required of the building to optimize our mechanical system's overall performance.

The Simple Saver System is complemented by installing less HVAC equipment than would have been required from using obsolete insulation designs. The upfront savings of purchasing less HVAC equipment offsets most or all of the added costs of the superior insulating system. Whether you select natural gas, propane, or all electric, you can be confident that you have selected the design that delivers the lowest total ownership cost possible.

Long ago, Thermal Design quickly noticed that buildings insulated with the Simple Saver System put less demand on the building's heating and cooling equipment which would have been required using obsolete insulation designs. In many cases, where multiple roof top units were originally installed, some units never turned on because the equipment was drastically oversized. This sounds great however these building owners paid way to much for the additional equipment, the wiring, the piping and the initial labor cost. Consequently, this unnecessary equipment will continue to cost the building owner in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

Unique Advantage

EnergyCraft HVAC Appliances are pre-fabricated, pre-wired, self contained, “Ready-to-Run” units that simply mount into place and operate when utilities are connected. All appliances come pre-assembled and ready to plug in. Fuel source, condensate disposal and electrical supply need to be connected to operate the appliance.

When incorporated, this effective and efficient design helps contractors sell more buildings by minimizing equipment, electrical wiring and gas piping costs to each unit while eliminating special engineering consideration and costs with structural and roof curb expenses that are incurred with traditional rooftop units. Ask your contractor about through-the-wall unit installation versus rooftop unit installation.

Minimizing expensive HVAC equipment provides substantial savings to offset the costs of the superior insulation system. Up to a 75% reduction in HVAC costs often can be achieved over obsolete design. Thermal Design guarantees the equipment sizing for the quoted design conditions and we provide free sizing of HVAC equipment and energy calculations.

Design Flexibility

Since metal buildings serve a diversity of uses and range from a variety of conditioning requirements and fuel preferences, we developed our line of appliances to accommodate your building needs and preferences. When you use EnergyCraft HVAC Appliances, you have the flexibility to choose unit configuration (vertical or horizontal), packaged or split system, heat pumps, and fuel type (natural gas/propane or electric). Our units are ideal for retail stores, community centers, manufacturing, arenas, gymnasiums, warehouses, fire and emergency service buildings, garages, repair shops, aircraft hangars, indoor ice arenas, tennis facilities, and agricultural buildings.

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