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Our high efficiency gas heaters feature a pre-assembled 96% efficient AFUE heater which supplies up to 109,000 BTU/hr and typically requires no license to install. The integrated heating/air conditioning appliances include: 55,000 BTU/hr air conditioning output; five ton cooling capacity and high efficiency 14 or 16 SEER. A thermostat and cord are supplied and all units may be ducted locally by third party.

EnergyCraft® heating and cooling appliances are assembled at Thermal Design with high quality furnace and air conditioning components manufactured by Goodman Manufacturing. We fabricate our high efficiency multiple configuration units on a galvanized steel framework and factory test each appliance before shipping. All appliances include a warranty and parts guarantee. Call us at 800.255.0776 or email us.

Natural Gas/Propane

Units are convertible between natural gas and propane, making them ideal for your clean heat source. Typically, no license required for installation, however some local governments may impose more stringent requirements. It is recommended that qualified installers be used for gas piping and building wiring installation. Check with applicable codes and regulations that apply to your project.

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All-electric heating and cooling appliances can be a great choice when they eliminate the need for separate fuel services. Some utilities also offer lower rates for all-electric buildings. When combined with renewable energy and a super insulated envelope, all-electric heating and cooling appliances can be be a key component of a design strategy to maximize ROI, minimize exposure to future energy cost increases and reduce negative environmental impact from fossil fuel based electricity generation.

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