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  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 94% efficiency
  • Welded construction
  • Center mounted ballast
  • Anti-vibration locking sockets
  • UL Labeled
  • Warranty

EnergyCraft Luminaires

Our high efficiency, high bay fixtures (luminaires) are designed to lower operating costs and energy usage up to 50% while providing the same amount of light when compared to metal halide, high bay fixtures.

Owner Saves Money

EnergyCraft Luminaires are one of the most easiest and effective investments for your buildingEnergyCraft Quintalux dramatically reduce operating costs to light the interior of the building compared to a standard metal halide because of the efficiency differences and the number lights required to maintain desired light levels. Options and accessories for both new construction and retrofits. In addition, there may be financial incentives or rebates provided from the government and utilities which our EnergyCraft Luminaries may help you obtain. Explore your specific options and incentives and ask us for a Simple Saver Synergy Design.

Easier & less expensive to Install

Fixtures come pre-assembled and ready to hang along with with a NEMA certified twist lock plug (TLP) and cord. Anticipate a reduction in wiring and installation costs from your electrical contractor. Your electrician would install suitable outlets allowing building contractors to simply hang the fixture and plug it in. Thermal Design. provides a suggested lighting layout which optimizes the lighting efficiency of the specific building use and lighting demands of the building.


  EnergyCraft Luminaire

Less Maintenance

Less fixtures obviously equates to less maintenance, however the easy to install design allows the building owner to easily detach the fixture for maintenance, cleaning or even relocation if their building lighting need change in the future. Simply unplug and detach hangers and then reattach and plug in when complete.

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