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Syseal® Fabric

Fire Hazard Classification Class A (ASTM E 84)
Flame Spread ≤ 25
Water Vapor Transmission Rating ≤ 0.02 grains/hr-sf2
Minimum Workability Temperature - 60º F

Thermal Design's proprietary Syseal fabric liner is woven reinforced high-density polyethylene strips, specially formulated with UVMAX coating on both sides with a continuous white or colored polyethylene film that provides the desired interior finish.

Simple Saver System™ Syseal™ fabric liner being installed.

The fabric liner is manufactured in large custom pieces and span from rafter to rafter (roofs) x the width of the building or column to column (walls) x the height of the building with minimum practical sealing to be done on job site.

  • Remarkably Strong
  • Brightens Interiors
  • Custom Sized
  • Instantly Finishes
  • Easy to Clean


Triple Extrusion Welded Seams
Thermal Design features the industry leading, factory-made, triple extrusion welding seaming process which ensures proper seam strength, durability, appearance and is uniquely pressure resistant to assure very low vapor permeance. Ideal for minimizing air infiltration and maintaining vapor retarder integrity throughout the envelope assembly as apposed to thousands of staple holes or hidden, unsealed lap joints typical with faced insulation and on-site seaming methods.



Syseal® Fabric Colors
Thermal Design provides more color design options compared to anyone in the industry and takes great pride in quality control to provide a consistent, reliable product. Syseal White has certainly been the most popular for standard applications over our past couple decades. Athletic facilities and lighting enthusiast are especially fond of our Syseal Super White because of the high reflectance features; while Syseal Black will remain the favorite option to make the ceiling visually disappear in desired applications. Syseal Silver Aspen and Toni Taupe™ are increasing in popularity because of their uniqueness and the cost savings it provides eliminating the need for painting and finishing.


Standard Syseal® Fall Protection Grade Options

  • Syseal® White
  • Syseal® Super White
  • Syseal® Toni Taupe™
  • Syseal® Silver Aspen
  • Syseal® Black

Custom color fabric information is available upon request. Unique color schemes of fabric and/or UVMAX strap are design options available for specifiers. Thermal Design does not recommend painting the Syseal fabric.

Perforated Syseal® Fabric (optional)
Depending on the needs and placement of the vapor retarder, the Syseal® fabric may also be perforated, and not serve as a vapor retarder for unique building conditions. Upon request, Thermal Design provides custom sized fabric pieces that are perforated with 3/16” minimum holes spaced not more than four inches apart in each direction. Our perforated fabric has been a popular choice for facilities that feature indoor sheets of ice (hockey, curling, etc). The needs for this type of building are unique and Thermal Design provides a variety of design solutions. View the Simple Saver System Indoor Ice Arena Specification and contact us for additional important items to consider when comparing design ideas.

Simple Saver System Syseal fabric with perforations

Minimal visual notice of hole size from ground level

UVMAX® Strap

UVMax strapping on wood spool

Easy to use strap dispenser provided.

Simple Saver System® utilizes fall protection grade, corrosion resistant, 100 ksi minimum yield high tensile strength 1” wide x 0.020 steel strapping. Ships in coils and strap is of continuous length (~1,400 liner feet) which means no field splicing is needed. Coils are oscillated wound and ideal weight for easier handling and higher productivity.


- No Field Splicing Needed
- UVMAX straps are primed and painted the specified color to match or compliment the fabric color specified:

  • Toni Taupe™
  • Silver Aspen
  • Black
  • White

Additional strap options are available upon request (stainless steel, polyester plastic, and/or specific dimensions of strapping). Tell us more about your building use and conditions and we will provide options that suit your needs.


Fast-R Hanger Fast-R wall insulation hangers are 23.5" long, galvanized preformed steel strips with punched barbed arrows centrally located every eight inches. The Fast-R hangers are hung in the wall cavity between the girts and wall panels. Unfaced, uncompressed fiber glass insulation is impaled onto the arrows. This holds the insulation in a permanent position and retains the fiber glass shape and position within the girt cavity. Narrow girt spaces, such as 24", may not require hangers if insulation will support itself.

Fast-R insulation hangers

  • Faster Installation
  • No Measuring, Straightening or Cutting
  • Rigid

Dimensions and Specifications

Length width gauge box weight (AVG.) No. per box
23.5" 1" 20 GA. 30 lbs. 80
Coverage (SQ Ft) No. Of Barbed Arrows
~ 1,000 (with girts spaced 48" - 96" apart) 2 per hanger (8" on center)
Fast-R insulation hangers detail

Download the Fast-R Specifications (PDF)

Download the Fast-R Legacy Specifications (PDF)


Snap-R Thermal BlockSnap-R thermal spacer blocks are constructed of polystyrene material and shaped differently than the typical thermal spacer blocks supplied by the building manufacturer. Our unique design allows the installer to snap the thermal block onto the purlin (or girt) flange and not have to worry about wind blowing them away during installation. In fact, in most situations, the installer can remain in one position and slide each 24” long Snap-R along the entire length of purlin.

Snap-R Thermal Block installed on girt

Snap-R shown installed on interior girt flange to create additional wall space

  • Unique Design
  • Snap & Slide
  • Won't Blow Away
  • Creates Addition Cavity Space
  • Provides a Thermal Break

Installation of fiber glass insulation over Snap-R thermal block is not typically recommended. Ideal use is to create additional cavity space, typically for single layer, full thickness insulation assemblies and used on the interior or exterior flanges. The Snap-R will enhance the performance of the entire insulation assembly because it eliminates the direct contact from the steel panels and the purlin or girt, minimizing the amount of heat transfer.

Physical Dimensions

Thermal Block Length Width Total height Effective Thickness
Snap-R® 3/8" 24" 4" 1 5/8" 3/8"
Snap-R® 1" 24" 4" 2 1/4" 1"

Standard above flange thicknesses are 3/8” and 1” thick which accommodates a 3” purlin flange. Other thicknesses, lengths, and widths are available upon request. Call Thermal Design 800-255-0776 to find the appropriate thermal block size and type that meets your needs.

► Download Thermal Design's Thermal Break Specifications (PDF)

Quik-Stop Trash Free

Quik-Stop Thermal Break Tape

Quik-Stop Trash Free™ thermal break tape without paper release backing, is the industry's fastest and cleanest method to install insulative foam tape on metal building purlin and girt flanges and minimizes conductive paths between metal panels and metal framing.

Thermal Design re-engineered the design and application with a direct applied special adhesive film on the inside of foam tape roll allowing the installer to easily apply to framing as it unrolls which in turn eliminates the need to peel and remove the messy paper release backing and time consuming project site clean up.

Quik-Stop Trash Free, utilized for new or retrofit applications, is available for all of Thermal Design's insulation liner systems including Simple Saver System™ and the new AutoCeil™ ceiling and wall insulation system. It is an integral part of Thermal Design's wall liner systems with metal building insulation to meet and exceed the newer, more stringent national model energy codes of 2015 IECC and ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2016 without incorporating expensive, prescriptive listed assemblies featuring “ci” continuous insulation.



Quik-Stop Thermal Break Tape

Standard Quik-Stop with paper release backing.

Quik-Stop thermal break with paper release backing is a self-adhering insulative 3/16” foam tape installed the entire length of purlin/girt flanges to help minimize the conductive paths between the metal panels and the metal framing. Applies easily to clean and dry surfaces and can be used on interior or exterior flanges depending on the needs of the building. Quik-Stop is highly recommended in single layer Simple Saver roof and wall applications and works great in retrofit applications. Contact Thermal Design for details for your specific application.


Physical Dimensions

Roll Length width thickness
108' Nominal 3" 3/16"

Download the Thermal Design's Thermal Break Specifications (PDF)

Download the SDS for Quik-Stop™ (PDF)


The Simple Saver System has a variety of different sealants to recommend depending on the building structure, conditions, building use and requirements. They are used to seal the fabric liner (vapor retarder) perimeter edges to the abutting main frames and eave struts. Thermal Design has spent a tremendous amount of research and testing to determine which is the most effective, yet economical sealant for the insulation system. Substituting sealants not quality controlled by Thermal Design is not recommended and may void warranty.

G524 Simple Saver System High-Tack Adhesive G524 Simple Saver System High-Tack Sealant

This unique synthetic rubber sealant comes in a gallon and is brushed directly onto the metal structural components. Our proprietary formula allows the sealant to tack quickly and effectively, saving time for installers. Thermal Design provides this sealant most often with new construction projects.

Download the G524 SDS (PDF)

G220 Simple Saver Pressure Sensitive Adhesive G220 Simple Saver Pressure Sensitive Sealant

Size: 17 oz

Rather spray? No problem. Our handy and convenient solvent based aerosol sealant may be used as an alternative to the synthetic rubber sealant. Once sprayed onto the structure, the sealant tacks very rapidly and pressure is applied to the fabric liner for proper adhesion.

Download the G220 MSDS (PDF)

Syseal TapeSyseal® Sticky Tape

Many contractors refer to our Syseal Sticky Tape as their “third hand” because of it's versatility and easy application. Our double sided, synthetic rubber bonding tape is a solventless pressure sensitive sealant with a easy peel paper backing. Syseal Sticky Tape is the preferred sealant among contractors when retrofitting with the Simple Saver System in existing buildings.

Download the Syseal® Sticky Tape MSDS (PDF)

G720 Simple Saver Air-Tight Sealant

Size: 10.3 oz

G720 Simple Saver Air-Tight Sealant Our special formulated high viscosity caulk sealant is specifically used and recommended for the Simple Saver System to further reduce and help eliminate air infiltration. Ideal for pressurized buildings and air-tight building specifications.

Syseal® Repair Tape

Syseal Reapir Tape Mistakes happen – don't worry. Syseal® Repair Tape is an adhesive backed material made out of the Syseal® fabric liner materials used in Thermal Design's fabric liner systems. They are the same Class A FHC (Fire Hazard Classification) grade of fabric and of comparable strength, although there may be very slight variations in color that exist. Our quality control objective is to match the grade and color as closely as processes allow (Syseal® White, Super White, Silver Aspen, Black, Toni Taupe™). While most applications and installations will require very little repair tape, it comes in handy for correcting over cutting slits and patching puncture holes. In addition, it may be necessary to use repair tape when installing around welded bracing or other protrusions that can not be disconnected and reattached.


Width Length Thickness Weight Perm Rating
3" 100' 15 mil (+/- 10%) 2 lbs. ≤0.02 grains/hr-sf2

Download the Syseal® Repair Tape Specifications (PDF)
► Find Tech Bulletins 11 & 25 on our Resources Page



Our plated, self-drilling fasteners are color matched with each liner system order. Fasteners that accompany the Simple Saver System™, feature a color matched sealing washer as well. Special fasteners for wood, concrete and other structure types are available from Thermal Design and should be used when appropriate. We offer over a dozen different fastener types depending on your installation need. Contact Thermal Design for special stand-off fasteners for additional insulation thicknesses.

Brace Clips

  • Reliable Seal
  • Faster Installation
  • Clean Look

Preserving the integrity of the Syseal® vapor retarder around rafter bracing can be easily accomplished using approved 90º rafter brace clips fastened to the bottom of the purlin flange. This type of connection provides a reliable seal and speeds installation because it eliminates the need to slit the vapor retarder where the rafter brace would normally protrude through the bottom plane of purlin.

Stock clips are 14 gauge. Also available in other gauges and in other lengths by special order. Standard finish colors for brace clips are powder coated white and black, four (4) color matched fasteners are included with each clip.

Rafter brace clip detail

Consult your building manufacturer for brace clip structural requirements before installation and use of these alternative brace clips. Many building manufactures have their own preferred brace clip designs for use with liner systems.

 Additional connection options  are available upon request and detailed in the Simple Saver System™ Design Manual. These fastening methods are routinely approved by building manufacturers for use with Thermal Design's Simple Saver System. Contractors need to consult the building manufacturer for brace clip and connection requirements.

Download the Brace Clips Installation Instructions (PDF)

► Brace Clips Order Form (PDF)


Specification values are typical data subject to normal manufacturing variations and are not meant to be guaranteed or limiting specifications. Thermal Design, Inc. reserves the right to improve and change component specifications without notice.

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