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OSHA Compliant Fall Protection

The Simple Saver System® offers OSHA compliant fall protection for new pre-engineered metal building purlin roof systems. Perimeter protection within six feet of any edge is required using safety harness and lanyard. Please refer to installation instructions and fall protection certificate for complete details.

Fall Protecion test preparation Thermal Design added fall protection as a standard feature of the Simple Saver System . The Simple Saver System requires two critical strap end fasteners to safely pass the test and achieve safe fall protection. Because of the life saving importance, Thermal Design has included this feature in the standard Simple Saver System® only for use in Zee or Cee shaped purlin buildings. Due to the critical, life-dependent importance of the materials and installation, only legitimate, quality controlled Simple Saver System® materials, installation drawings and instructions should be used. Authorized licensed distributors will be allowed to sell the products. Thermal Design has tested the system as instructed by OSHA and the system has passed the stringent test.

Simple Saver System OSHA Compliance Letter


  • OSHA Letter
  • Fall Protection Certificate

On January 18, 2001, the new steel erection standard was published in the federal register. The new standard requires full fall protection for steel erectors and insulators at heights greater than 15 feet. This new rule became effective July 18, 2001.1

Owners, architects and upline contractors are now also liable for compliance of workers on projects under their control.2 The Federal Registry, Vol. 66 No. 123 states that "A controlling contractor is an entity that has general supervisory authority over the worksite such that it can correct safety and health violations itself or have others correct them. So, an owner, project architect or any other entity that has this authority would be considered a controlling contractor."

In the past, steel erectors and insulators were exempt on buildings of 25 feet or less. The revised rule requires full fall protection greater than 15 feet in height. The consequence is that most buildings are no longer exempt from fall protection compliance. Workers are required to tie off or use alternative means of fall protection, resulting in a significant loss of productivity. The patented Simple Saver System solves this problem and dramatically increases productivity by providing passive fall protection for falls to the interior in all areas where it is properly installed.

1 OSHA Fall Protection Requirements
2 Standard 29 CFR Definitions–1926.751 "Controlling Contractor"
3 Federal Registry, Vol. 66 No. 12

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