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Simple Saver System New Construction Video

Watch how the #1 specified high R-value insulation and finishing system is installed for new construction metal building roofs.

Simple Saver New Roof Installation Video

Simple Saver System Retro Fit Video

Watch how the Simple Saver System™ instantly transforms the dark shadows of metal building roof interiors into clean, bright and well insulated spaces.

Simple Saver System Retrofit Roof Installation Video

Simple Saver Wall Video

Watch how the Simple Saver System™ is installed with fiberglass metal building insulation used in new or retrofit wall applications for pre-engineered metal buildings.

Simple Saver System New Wall Installation Video


Custom project drawings and instructions

Thermal Design provides detailed, custom project drawings for the insulation systems provided in each building. Specific strap and fastener locations, bay spacings, fabric sizes and exact insulation sizes and placements are provided. Thermal Design provides some of the most detailed installation system instructions in the industry for pre-engineered metal buildings with C or Z purlins or bar joists. Instructions for post frame or hard wall structures are also available. It's important to follow the complete manufacturer installation instructions for the Simple Saver System™ to achieve a safe, effective installation.


30 YearsReduce your liability, keep installers safe and speed up your construction time. Contact Thermal Design for specifications, design manuals, installation instructions and training videos for the safety benefits of the Simple Saver System™. Thermal Design's experience of properly insulating metal buildings over the last 30 years has allowed us to help contractors with a variety of unique installation details and technical support to verify installed performance levels. On site installation, safety training and consultation is also available. Contact Thermal Design for further details at 800-255-0776.

Production Rates

New Construction
There are many factors that affect production rates on every type of new construction project. Insulation systems are no exception, therefore judgment is required in considering variables such as experience of the crew, available equipment, weather likely during installation period, etc. The Simple Saver System™ is designed for rapid topside installation with OSHA Compliant Fall Protection combined with optimum insulation performance with 80% fewer field seams. Typically the average labor breakdown to install the Simple Saver is 1/2 strapping, 1/4 fabric liner, 1/4 insulation placement.

Topside Installation in New Buildings:
Roof 150-200 sq ft / man-hour
Wall 120-170 sq ft / man-hour

The production rates are conservative ranges for installation of a single or double layer system in typical purlin roofs under average conditions with an experienced crew. In the summer of 2008, Thermal Design commissioned a third party time study which concluded production rates of over 235 sq ft / man-hour. This equates to less than $0.25 / sq ft installation labor costs based on a $50 / hour labor rate.

Retrofit Construction
Retrofit installation of the Simple Saver System™ is done completely from the interior of the structure, without removing existing roof panels or wall panels. It is very common to leave the existing compressed insulation installed above purlins and behind girts is left in place, talk to Thermal Design for details at 800-255-0776.

Production rates for retrofit installation are much lower compared to new construction. Thermal Design provides production rate estimates based upon the degree of difficulty. Some existing buildings and applications provide higher degree of difficulty then others depending on the use and schedule of the building. Some considerations that help determine the degree of difficulty would include:

  • Retrofit installationFloor/Wall Obstructions 
    Working around unmovable objects positioned on the floor space and wall areas. Examples: manufacturing, retail, printing, etc. 
  • Demanding Schedule
    Specific hours of installation. Examples: retail, worship, schools, etc.
  • Ceiling Obstructions
    Incredible high amount of hanging items from ceiling such as outdated lights, sprinklers, ceiling fans, conduit and duct work. 
  • Floor Care
    Specific attention to working floor area that may be sensitive to lift and maneuverability. Examples: ice arenas, tennis courts, equestrian, etc.
Bottom Side Roof Installation
in Existing Buildings:
Low 50-60 sq ft / man-hour
Medium 35-50 sq ft / man-hour
High 25-30 sq ft / man-hour

The production rates are conservative ranges for installation of single layer fiberglass blanket insulation (of any thickness). Experienced crews are known to achieve higher production rates.

Looking for an installer?

New Construction
Contact us for help finding and installer.Typically the steel erector that erects the metal building installs the Simple Saver System™ when the roof and wall panels are installed and is considered the most cost effective and safe way to insulate these metal buildings. In the past, some steel erectors charged absurd labor rates for installation compared to their traditional, obsolete methods that are quick, easy and cheap combined with their lack of knowledge and familiarity with our system. Today the market is beginning to change considering contractors and steel erectors recognize:

Demand has increased for high efficiency / better looking buildings
Stringency of energy codes is increasing throughout the United States
Performance of traditional methods no longer perform as expected (ASHRAE Press Release - Jan. 12, 2010)

These factors along with increased awareness of job site safety and fall protection are changing the industry and how metal building contractors can insulate metal buildings more effectively.  Depending on your geographical area, some reluctant steel erectors not familiar with our products may try and charge an inflated labor rates for installation. Thermal Design provides assistance locating a qualified, experienced steel erector that is familiar with installing the Simple Saver System for new construction.

Retrofit Construction
Workers installing Simple Saver System retrofitConsidering that the Simple Saver System™ is installed completely from the inside in retrofit applications, it can be done typically by anyone that has some basic level of skilled trade experience. Keep in mind, installers familiar with the system will get the job done much quicker and they posses valuable techniques and experience working within more difficult and larger installations while still maintaining superior interior aesthetics. Thermal Design installation instructions show specific details and options with installing Simple Saver roof and wall systems in a variety of building systems.

However, in most cases, building owners do not have those internal resources, flexible time frame, or the desire to take on the job themselves. Thermal Design has a network of third party installers that can serve as sub-contractors or that will work directly with building owners for retrofit applications. We will assist you in finding a qualified installer anywhere in the United States to help you with your next project.

Can I install the System?
We have heard succuss stories from a variety of different buildings owners that have decided to retrofit their facilities with their own resources (and aesthetic “tolerances”). This works particularly well with smaller structures like workshops, storage buildings, personal aircraft hangers and agricultural buildings. We have heard wonderful do-it-yourself stories installing our systems; such as worship facilities that use their 'handyman' resources within their congregation to renovate their multipurpose rooms and sanctuaries, or warehouse/manufacturing employees taking on the installation during off hours of operations. Please keep in mind this would not be a recommended approach in very large facilitates and/or facilities that have a high degree of installation difficulty.

Contact Thermal Design at 800-255-0776 to help consider installation options, or even better — email us interior pictures of your facility so we can help you more effectively.

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