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Retrofitting with the Simple Saver System

Many of today's metal buildings are erected and insulated as fast and as cheap as possible, without properly evaluating options for the thermal envelope. Many of the buildings today feature faced fiber glass draped and compressed over framing members leaving structural components exposed resulting in lower installed R-values and an unattractive, unfinished interior appearances and appear to be dark shadowy interiors. The Simple Saver System is ideal for use in existing buildings because it solves these problems and many more.

Crucial Concerns

Simple Solutions

Vapor Retarder Placement

Incorrectly placed behind and above steel framing, consequently leaving conductive girts and purlins exposed to the conditioned air space. Exposed framing allows heat to escape in the winter and radiates heat into the building during the summer.

Conceal Steel Purlins and Girts

Properly place the vapor retarder below the roof purlins and inside plane of the wall girts, isolating the steel framing from the inside conditioned space. Concealing the steel framing instantly brightens the interior space making the aesthetics look clean, fresh and new.

Compressed Insulation

We know that compression negates the full effect of the insulation. But did you know, the typical installed R-value for the overall assembly ranges from 35% to 65% less than the package label R-value when it was purchased? Learn more

Add Uncompressed Insulation

Installing the Simple Saver fabric liner system below conductive framing creates a cavity for thick insulation blankets to be pulled through or for insulation be blown into cavity. Filling the cavity space is typically recommended.

Vapor Retarder Integrity

Taped or 'roll & staple' seams maybe susceptible to air infiltration and heat transfer. The field seams run throughout the entire roof width and entire wall height and may be spaced every 60'”or less. Facing and field seams may deteriorate over time due to a variety of factors.

Custom Size, Factory Controlled Seams

Thermal Design customizes the Simple Saver fabric to match
every bay space so it may serve as a continuous vapor retarder
that requires sealing around perimeter. Features manufactured
triple extruded welded seams and a 10 year limited
material warranty.

Insulates & Finishes

  • Reduce Energy Use = Lower Operating Costs
  • Comfortable, Uniform Temperatures
  • Increase Light Levels
  • Quiet Interiors
  • Rejuvenate Interior Appearances
  • Help Prevent Condensation and Maintenance
  • Employee, Customer Satisfaction
  • 10 Year Limited Material Warranty
  • Helps Qualify for Energy Efficiency Incentives

Retrofit Construction
Retrofit installation of the Simple Saver System™ is done completely from the interior of the structure, without removing existing roof panels or wall panels. It is very common that the existing compressed insulation installed above purlins and behind girts is left in place, talk to Thermal Design for details at 800-255-0776.

Production rates for retrofit installation are much lower compared to new construction. Thermal Design provides production rate estimates based upon the degree of difficulty. Some existing buildings and applications provide higher degree of difficulty then others depending on the
use and schedule of the building. Some considerations
that help determine the degree of difficulty would include:

  • Retrofit installationFloor/Wall Obstructions 
    Working around unmovable objects positioned
    on the floor space and wall areas. Examples: manufacturing,
    retail, printing, etc. 
  • Demanding Schedule
    Specific hours of installation. Examples: retail, worship,
    schools, etc.
  • Ceiling Obstructions
    Incredible high amount of hanging items from ceiling
    such as outdated lights, sprinklers, ceiling fans, conduit
    and duct work. 
  • Floor Care
    Specific attention to working floor area that may be sensitive
    to lift and maneuverability. Examples: ice arenas, tennis courts, equestrian, etc.
Production rates
Bottom Side Roof Installation
in Existing Buildings:
Low 50-60 sq ft / man-hour
Medium 35-50 sq ft / man-hour
High 25-30 sq ft / man-hour

The production rates are conservative ranges for installation of single layer fiberglass blanket insulation (of any thickness). Experienced crews are known to achieve higher production rates. Blown in insulation atop the Simple Saver fabric liner system is an attractive alternative for some retrofit installers depending on preference and possible obstructions within the cavities that prevent blankets from being pulled through.


Before and After gallery


(photos courtesy of Ross Gronau & EnergyCraft Systems of Nebraska)

photo of retrofit installationThis pallet manufacturing plant
had major condensation problems
until the purlins were separated from
the conditioned air space by the
Simple Saver System. Existing light
fixture output was amplified by the
ceilings high light reflectivity.

 The light reflectivity of the
Simple Saver System ceiling liner was one of the many benefits for this manufacturing plant.

Install UVMAX Steel Strap Platform and Fabric Liner Across Bay

Straps installed perpendicular below purlins (typically in single direction with retrofit applications) and the custom sized fabric, made to fit the width and length of each bay space, is pulled out on top of straps, under the purlins. Detaching and reattaching hanging items is typically required to pull in fabric throughout bay.

Pull or Blow Insulation in the Purlin Cavities

(Left) Installer assisting with pulling and feeding fiberglass blanket in purlin space / cavity. (Right) Fiberglass blanket shown in purlin space resting on new fabric liner. Installers may also blow insulation into the roof cavities after liner system is installed.

Seal and Fasten the Syseal Fabric Liner Around Perimeter

After purlin and girt cavities are filled with insulation, the vapor  retarder is sealed and trimmed to the bottom rafter flange. Finally, mechanically fasten along each rafter with UVMAX steel strap.

Ideal Applications for Consideration

• Gymnasiums & Arenas
• Tennis Facilities
• Indoor Ice Facilities
• Equestrian Centers
• Aviation Hangars
• Agricultural Buildings
• Schools & Universities
• Worship Centers
• Community Centers
• Manufacturing
• Warehouses
• Transportation Centers
• Distribution Facilities
• Big Box Stores
• Retail Stores
• Wineries
• Offices
• Vehicle Showrooms
• Fire & Emergency
• Municipal Buildings
• Federal & State Facilities
• Military
• Public Works & Recycling
• Convention Centers
• Casinos
• Entertainment Venues
• Theaters



Considering the flexible nature and the unique attributes of the materials that make the Simple Saver, it provides a variety of economical applications to increase insulation performance regardless of roof or wall types. The concept remains the same by economically maximizing the space for insulation and functioning as a large single piece of durable, bright vapor retarder fabric.

The Simple Saver System can be installed on the ceiling in any of the following new or existing roof types:

building systems where Simple Saver System can be used

The Simple Saver System can be installed on the ceiling in any of the following new or existing wall types:

 wall systems where Simple Saver System can be used

*The installation differs slightly between each building type.

Retrofit installation

*Standard retrofit strap pattern is one direction, 30-inches on-center. Retrofit grid pattern system also available for small additional cost.

Retrofit installationFire and Water Damage?

If your building was subject to fire or water damage and if the building is still deemed structurally safe, the Simple Saver System is an economical way to replenish and increase insulation levels and an inexpensive solution for instantly improving the cosmetics of the building. Multiple color options available.

Individual payback periods may vary and are dependent on many key conditioning and operational factors. Ask for an EnergyCraft Design retrofit analysis for specific details regarding your building and learn how to take advantage of available tax incentives and guaranteed loans at the federal, state and local levels by incorporating energy efficient retrofit design into your building. Call 800.255.0776 or email us.

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