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Retrofit Roof Installation Overview

The following information and detail overview is how our insulation and finishing systems are installed and shall ONLY be used to understand the basic process. It is important to follow complete manufacturers instructions for safety, performance and effectiveness. This is especially crucial when installing our fall protection insulation systems such as the Simple Saver System® in new construction applications. The content of the complete manufacturers instructions contains proprietary information and are made available under the license agreement of use. Contact Thermal Design for further details.

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Steel Support UVMAX® Straps

In retrofit applications, a single direction strap pattern is used compared to the grid work pattern with new construction. Steel straps are installed spaced evenly across the bay by fastening at one end, pulling hand tight and fasten at ridge purlin, then fastening at the opposite end. No additional fastening is typically needed until the fabric is pulled into place.

Large Custom Sized Syseal® Fabric

The Syseal fabric liner is custom made to span the entire bay of the building with a single, continuous piece. The pleat-folded fabric is placed and unrolled over intermediate straps and between two purlins. One end of the fabric is fastened into the eave strut using the same holes and intermediate straps previously installed. The liner fabric is then pulled and fastened under the remaining purlins towards the ridge and the opposite eave strut. The fabric will hang from intermediate straps at the ends of each bay width. This allows access into the roof framing cavity to install insulation. The fabric will be sealed and mechanically fastened once the insulation is installed.

Simple Saver System retrofit in progress

Unfaced, Uncompressed Fiberglass Insulation

In retrofit construction, metal building fiberglass insulation is still the popular choice to insulate using the Simple Saver System, however because of the independent continuous vapor retarder, blown fiberglass or cellulose or other type of insulations could also be considered. The metal building fiberglass blanket insulation is pre-cut and unfaced (does not have a vapor retarder glued to the material) and is pulled through the cavity space (20'+ long) using pull rope and an insulation pull board. Once the insulation is adequately installed, the Syseal liner fabric is sealed to the rafter and mechanically fastened.

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