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30 Years

When you specify and purchase Simple Saver System, you will have the confidence of a complete, proven and safe system made from quality controlled materials. In addition, Thermal Design provides:
• Experienced consultation and support services
• Custom manufactured materials and detailed project drawings
• Specialized packaging and timed delivery
• Custom project instruction and training materials

Simple Saver System Ten-Year Limited Material Warranty

Simple Savery System 10 Year Warranty

The Simple Saver System is warranted against manufacturing defects in materials that are provided by Thermal Design that may become evident within ten years after delivery. This warranty is specifically limited to providing materials for replacement of specific areas affected and only to the extent that the defect is adversely affecting performance, and does not include any expense to remove or install materials, site workmanship or damages that may be caused by defective materials, installation, damage to materials caused by others, abuse and misuse of the product, or design. The warranty is pro-rated (e.g. 100% of the material replacement cost during the first year, 90% during the second year, 80% during the third year, etc.). Labor is typically covered by contractor's warranty for at least one year after installation completion. Thermal Design shall make the final decision as to the validity and extent of any defect claim. Valid claims will be limited to the pro-rated value of the purchased materials cost, as determined by Thermal Design. Any claims should be submitted in writing by US Mail to Thermal Design, Inc., P.O. Box 468, Madison, NE, 68748. There are no other expressed or implied warranties that extend beyond these limitations and these are a condition of the sale of these goods. The company shall not be held responsible for consequential, liquidated or other damages under any theory of law. Thermal Design, its owners, licensees, and distributors have no control over site conditions, installation workmanship, conditions of application or its suitability for any particular use or purpose. This limitation also applies to damage caused by exposure of the materials to UV or other forms of radiation, excessive heat and damaging chemicals. Minor variations in fabric color do not constitute a defect. Therefore, Thermal Design, its owners, licensees and distributors do not warrant the performance, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, of any part of or complete system installation.

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