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Date: October 2013

Newly Published ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2013 Effects Metal Buildings

STOUGHTON, WI - ASHRAE publishes new 2013 energy standard incorporating major revisions effecting metal building insulation. Major revisions include:

  • Corrections in default U-factor roof and wall tables (Tables A2.3 & A3.2) 
    Acknowledges dramatic performance reduction from all of ASHRAE's previously published U-factors of traditional compressed laminated insulation in roof and walls. Revised U-factors reflect installed performance expectations for roof assemblies which were found to be overstated up to 35% and wall assemblies up to 42% when comparing to all previous versions of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 dating back to their 1999 Standard.
  • Modifications to roof and wall assembly descriptions (Normative Appendix A)
    Provides additional insulation assembly configuration details, components and descriptions for roof and walls which are directly linked to default U-factor tables A2.3 and A3.2.
  • Increases thermal envelope stringency (Tables 5.5-1 through 5.5-8) 
    Prescriptive criteria increases the minimum insulation levels for roof and walls in all eight climate zones and throughout all three categories: non-residential, residential and semi-heated.

The default U-factor corrections in 90.1-2013 provides code officials, designers, installers, suppliers and building owners a more accurate account of installed thermal performance of traditionally installed insulation assemblies. The previously published R-values / U-factors did not reflect the thermal performance from such installation methods, which typically yield lower R-values and higher Ufactors. At this time, the inflated thermal performance (U-factors) for metal building insulation assemblies are still directly embedded and referenced within COMcheckTM, 2006 & 2009 IECC, 90.1-1999, 2001, 2004, 2007 & 90.1-2010, along with multiple ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guides. To learn more about how these changes impact your past, current and future metal building projects, contact Thermal Design at 1-800-255-0776.

Thermal Design, Inc. is a recognized innovator in the metal building insulation industry with a 30 year history of developing effective insulation solutions based on economical, easy-to-install building systems, accessories and concepts. Based in Wisconsin and Nebraska, Thermal Design, Inc. assists with code compliance and provides products and services globally that focuses on integrating the design of insulation, HVAC, lighting, controls and power generation specifically tailored for per-engineered metal buildings.

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