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Date: 03/27/2017

Thermal Design Introduces Quik-Stop Trash Free™



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Thermal Design, Inc. enhances thermal break tape to speed installation while eliminating trash and
clean up time.

STOUGHTON, WI. March 27, 2017 – Quik-Stop Trash Free™ thermal break tape without paper release backing, is the industry's fastest and cleanest method to install insulative foam tape on metal building purlin and girt flanges and minimizes conductive paths between metal panels and metal framing.

Thermal Design re-engineered the design and application with a direct applied special adhesive film on the inside of foam tape roll allowing the installer to easily apply to framing as it unrolls which in turn eliminates the need to peal and remove the messy paper release backing and time consuming project site clean up.

Quik-Stop Trash Free, utilized for new or retrofit applications, is available for all of Thermal Design's insulation liner systems including Simple Saver System® and the new AutoCeil™ ceiling and wall insulation system. It is an integral part of Thermal Design's wall liner systems with metal building insulation to meet and exceed the newer, more stringent national model energy codes of 2015 IECC and ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2016 without incorporating expensive, prescriptive listed assemblies featuring “ci” continuous insulation.

Installation video, instructions and product specifications are available for designers and installers at www.thermaldesign.com

About Thermal Design
Thermal Design, Inc. is a recognized innovator in the metal building insulation industry with over a 30 year history of developing effective insulation solutions based on economical, easy-to install building systems, accessories and concepts. Based in Wisconsin and Nebraska, Thermal Design assists with energy code compliance and provides products and services globally that focus on integrating the design of insulation, HVAC, lighting, controls and power generation specifically tailored for pre-engineered metal buildings. Sales and service located all throughout the United States and Internationally. Visit http://www.thermaldesign.com

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